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It is well known that the sucess of a site in search engines such as Altavista , Lycos, Excite and Google is governed by the number of links from other sites to it. We have therefore started our own link programme to support this need.

If you wish to join this free link programme, contact Please note to ensure the success of this link programme, a link will be required from your index page to your local copy of this links page by means of a text link (eg. "LINKS" and not a image link). The pages must be in your root directory, and not in a seperate file. Each page must be submitted monthly to most search engines on different days.

These pages are updated regularly and you will be required to upload them to your root directory at least once monthly. We can also offer to add a link to your site, update your link pages, and submit your site monthly to all major UK, and international search engines for an annual fee of 90.00 plus VAT. Please note CADS cannot make absolute guarantees to the improvement in placement or inclusion of your site on any search engine. However, our placement service has put numerous sites inside the top 30 ranking for specific keywords (including sites designed by us), on AOL, Lycos UK, Google, and Yahoo UK Web pages.

Audio & Music

Dance Records
Promo Records
Wedding Reception Pianist
Wedding Reception Derby Pianist

Automotive & Car Sales

Car Sale Swadlincote Autocar
Motor Cross Bike parts at CGH Imports for Pro Circuit Imports
Fearns Garage for car sales and servicing Swadlincote
John Wright Racing stock car racer
Car Scratch Repairs Dents in Derby by B-SMart Reapirs

DIY & Home Improvement

Massey's DIY for Power Tools, Lawn Mowers, and Paints
Blinds made to measure in derby and the east midlands from Roman Blinds Co.
Sit on Lawn mowers, and Garden Equipment for Home, Farmers and Trade

Food Industry

Food Machinery from DSL
Ruhle Food Machinery

IT Consultancy

Sage Accounting Software
CRM Software
Sage, CRM and EPOS Solutions

Home Shopping

Discount Books by Applebooks
Asian Jewellery DD Jewellers
Gadgets, Trampolines online sales

Hotels & Accomodation

Hotel Accomodation in Derby Dales Dannah Farm


MD Boon - Trade reseller of white goods


AFL Birmingham
P E Technologies
Regency Products

Product Packaging

Acre Packaging
Jiffy Bags, Packaging
Bubble Wrap
PH Flexible Insulations
Metalised Bubble Wrap, Techno Bags from PH Flexible
Metalised Bubble WrapTechno Bags from PH Flexible
Metal storage containers for CD'S, Biscouits, (Trade) The Box UK
Anglo China Import Services


USB Pens

Tools / Plant Hire

Ladder Accessories
Plant & Tool Hire from mainline
The Toolshop for Power Tools, Derby


V A Sports

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